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나무젓가락 하나로 만든 스나이퍼 건! – 나무젓가락 공예, 신동욱(마즐래) part.1(ENG/KOR sub)

This is a rifle named ‘Mosin-Nagant’ I made it possible to load it. Because this gun is a bolt action rifle. MG 42 used by German forces. attach ammunition belt on the gun. At first, I liked FPS games very much. I’d like to have weapons from the Game but it’s expensive for students to buy, right? I thought I can make it with wooden chopsticks. How many guns are there? Almost 60. Among them, there are the greatest number of AKs. It has beautiful design, and got a lot of different kinds. This is AK 74. The gun is also equipped with a knife and it is also made of wooden chopsticks It’s sharper than I thought. It hurts when it stabs me. The gun’s name is CS5 The gun used in the game called Battlefield. This is a special ingredient. I glued sandpaper to the barrel of gun. M16. Currently, this gun is not used in our armed forces. Reserve forces use them when they shoot. A gun named CheyTac is used by the Polish army. This is the SR Series. There’s a hole in the barrel where the heat escapes. This is the first time you’ve seen it. A tiger pattern, and dragon pattern If you look closely, you can see the words ‘ KOREA’ I put ‘acquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl’ on top of the model. Did this gun actually exist? Yes, I saw the photos of the gun and reproduced it. It’s often called shotgun, isn’t it? Remington 870. Let’s make this with a wooden chopsticks. First step is making a butt plate of a rifle. Oh, dear … What do you do if you break it up? Don’t panic. Just inject glue and put it back together. I tried to paint a lot of wooden chopstick like a butt plate. Using magic maker is the best way to looks like a butt plate. So let me show you a very good example. You know Saving Private Ryan, don’t you? This is Springfield, used by an actor for Jackson. It’s like a real gun with a bright sheen. It does not look like a wooden chopstick. What is your job? I am a student. I have a wooden chopstick craft as a hobby. I am studying at the civil construction. The trigger and trigger covers are complete. What kind of ingredients do you use? Wooden chopsticks are 98 % used And the stapler is inserted to strengthen between wooden chopsticks. I’m gonna show you how to paint. I think it’s almost complete. It’s the first time I’ve ever made a gun in this early hour. I kept making only guns, but I thought there was no popular work. So these days, I’m making other works, not guns. Show me your most recent work. What I most recently made is… First Gundam, RX-78 To Be Continue Next Week Normal People with Extraordinary Abilities
The Koo

100 thoughts on “나무젓가락 하나로 만든 스나이퍼 건! – 나무젓가락 공예, 신동욱(마즐래) part.1(ENG/KOR sub)

  1. 소드오프쯤은 나도 만들수 있다 이사람에게 샷건 얻어서 총열이랑 개머리판 썰고 잘린부분 색칠하면 끝

  2. 이거 총 만든사람 한테
    이렇게 말해주세요
    나선칠기는 님이 세계최초가 아니라
    저 나무젓가락으로 피규어 만듭니다
    나선칠기는 저에게는 기본인데
    세계최초라고 하니 기분 나쁘네요

  3. 여기서 보면 퀄리티에 살짝 흠이 보이는데 이분 유튜브 체널 가서 보면 ㄹㅇ 퀄리티 끝장나는 작품 많음

  4. 초딩: 빼액액액 배그에 나오는 총이다 나 저거 암 ㅋㅋ 존나 못만드네

  5. 피규어 사이즈로 제작해서 어테치먼트로 판매하면 돈좀 될듯.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ근데 생산시간이 너무 오래걸리는게 함정..

  6. 이걸 다 나무 젓가락으로 만들었다고?
    이거는 세상에 이런일이에 나와도 될 정돈되 나 처음에 나무 젓가락이 알고도 아닌줄 알았음

  7. 배그충들 어록
    총신 나무인데 총이 좀 길다: 카구팔!!!
    SVD 보고 나서: 브스스!!!
    시모노프 원래 버전 보고: 카구팔!!!

  8. ⭐▫▫▫▫👍👍👍

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