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Bros get ready Dash over You really look like a turtle The enemy is too powerful Can’t break through Sir, give me a weapon shut up Wrap the food and throw it over We’re here for you Not a grenade. Don’t throw it Asshole We are here When to wait Do not worry Here comes the opportunity Shoot fast You shoot Are you OK Sir is dead longsihai Sir Give me a weapon What do you want to do douerhu You are also the KMT Now he’s dead, let’s go He is not dead yet If you dare run away, I will kill you Save me huge I want it too But i can’t Faster faster Seems to be silent Sir longsihai what happened Fast forward the operating room Next, what happens Hand Direct amputation Doctor Here are the seriously wounded Not me, sir, he was hit in the head People Arrange surgery Faster Dr. Li Anesthetize immediately xiaozhang, prepare 300 ml of plasma No plasma, don’t ask for blood. What is his blood type? Blood type A Dr. Li

8 thoughts on “國軍狙擊手自以為能橫掃戰場,不料八路軍炊事班裡竟然也有神槍手,戰場對槍國軍狙擊手被1槍斃命

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