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【Gun8】BEST SHOTGUN – Keltec KSG Shotgun. 14+1 rounds. Mesa Tactical Side Saddle. Police EDC!!

Hey guys. Welcome back to Tactical Expedition. I really appreciate you guys visiting my channel and viewing my videos. At first, I didn’t really care if I had subscribers or if you guys actually view this video or not. I just wanted to put it on Youtube so even if I die, you know, or in the future, YouTube is forever so I just wanted to put it up there. Just for fun but then slowly I’ve been getting subscribers. So far have 19. Oh it’s kind of funny but to me, they are precious so…. Brenda Dancer, dangergamer247, Kyle Mosso, Cezary Piekacz, rjmar3, billu1869, Daniel Bachleda, Marco Schulte, Javier Lopez and JR Tinman472. Thank you so much for viewing and I’m sorry I can’t upload the video every week. I will try. I have a lot of stuff but it’s just cumbersome to get the camera ready and get my gears ready and all that. but I will try. Anyways, today I’ll be reviewing kel-tec KSG bullpup shotgun. This carries a 14+1 rounds in this small configuration so then the chamber is from here to here. I mean it’s pretty well designed machine and this is where you rack it back and forth This is where you put your cheek on it and this is where you load and this is where it ejects. There’s a safety here and this engages this pump action back and forth. I added some stuff so I’ll be reviewing it. On Keltec website, it’s if you go to shotguns and go to KSG, it has the specs. Keltec is 6.9 pounds, an overall length is 21.1 inches, barrel length is 18.5 inches and trigger pull is 5 pounds. Even though it’s super short and carries over 10 rounds, it is legal because each chamber has 7 rounds so it satisfies the limit of 10 rounds for regular civilians. Even though, I don’t qualify for the civilian restrictions. I can get more high-capacity magazines but still this is the only gun I bought that is not Department approved. This gun is purely for fun and I thought this looked futuristic and it holds so many rounds that instead of buying a Remington 870 like everybody else for home defense, I bought this. This carries 14+1, With this length ammunition. By the way, this is a slug round. That’s the view on this side, KSG Keltec shotgun. This is the other side, I placed the shell carrier only on one side to reduce the weight and when I shoot, I wanted to be open on this side. This is the other side, this is the top view, this is the bottom view. This is the action, that’s the loading port plus ejection port. It has everything here. It came with almost nothing. There is no front grips. I installed this because it comes with a Picatinny rail right here. Then I bought this on eBay for $30. It has a quick release and you can remove that if you want to. I bought this side saddle for Keltec KSG. 6 shells for 12 gauge on the right side. You can buy this on and they make all sorts of side saddles. The retail price right now at this point January 8, 2017, it shows a $215. I think I bought it for cheaper but I think the price went up. That’s the side saddle from mesa tactical. This is a flashlight mount that about on eBay. Flashlight, I bought this China knock-off on eBay for $15 – $20. Also I put two front and rear folding sights and I bought quality parts. This is Troy sights. You just flip up you need it, if not, you can fold it down. It came with this sling when I bought it. I don’t know if you can see but this is the the front view, this side, this is the back, it doesn’t have too much cushion, so there’s some kick to it. This is the safety. If you press this side, it’s ready to fire. and on this side, it shows F in a red lettering. You know it’s on fire mode. Now, this is back to safety mode. I will explain the loading process real quick. I carry six rounds here. If you engage this action lever, you can pull this back, then it works the Chamber’s down there to load. If you can see right here, this is a selector switch. So each chamber has 7 rounds right now. I can decide which chambers to use. If I press it to the left side, you’re using the left chamber because it freed the left chamber just now. If you click to the right, you’re using the right chamber. So you can load different rounds. If you put in the middle like this, exact middle, even if you try to load around, it won’t go in. In the middle, basically it’s another safety feature. I’ll show you how to unload and load the Keltec KSG shotgun. You open it to one side and there’s a little spring tension lever. You just press it gently and it will pop out. So there is 1, 2. Very easy operation. 3. Very smooth. 4,5,6,7, so now you can see the white plastic part. You change the lever to the other side and do same thing. 1234567. Again, you see two white plastic taps. You can chamber check by pressing the action lever and push the action back and the chamber’s down there. If you can see it or not but it is empty right now. How you load it is you push this to one side, lean and just drop it down and push it with your fingers and it will click. Pretty fast. 1234567. Press it to the other side, lean into the one side. 1234567. You can do the selector switch. I leave it in the middle to be safe. This is will be the view if you have to aim at someone. That will be the view. What I do is I do that kind of operation. Press it, grab it, you know, you load it. Press this down. The round got engaged and now round is in there. Chamber check. There is a round. Slowly you can take it out. Because this was selected to one side. I’ll leave it in the middle. Even if I cycle the action, it won’t go in. That’s how you do it. You press this down. Cycle it. Fire. Action. Fire. If you fired the round, it will automatically do it. You don’t have to do this every time. It’s just going to load. When you fire, it will do it automatically. A round will eject from here, this is a top view. You put your cheek right here and that’s the front view again. Two chambers and a barrel. I think this retails for about $900. You can check with your state laws if this is legal in your state but I believe it is, even in California. Thank you again. This was Tactical Expedition. I’ll be uploading a lot more videos more often. Thank you again and please come back and subscribe and like my video. Thank you.

11 thoughts on “【Gun8】BEST SHOTGUN – Keltec KSG Shotgun. 14+1 rounds. Mesa Tactical Side Saddle. Police EDC!!

  1. i love mine 🙂
    i have a few more toys on it but its still a good gun, also mesa is overpriced, get a 14 shell carrier and upper extended rail for about 212$. hitech is much better. get the howitzer brake for it too its fucking insane how good it is. and mark sheans FTSS switch

  2. look at the FTSS switch for the KSG at , (I left out the 'm' on com so that the page would not pop up) you may want one because you have a tactical mindset. If people do not rack the KSG hard it will not feed shells correctly. Locktight is not required because it comes with a screw bushing the switch pivots on, unlike the factory switch….

  3. Hi Zex Nynex, There are a couple videos on the FTSS at  showing the advantages. The SOG teams for prisons are evaluating the FTSS now. They did not even consider the lowtech switch that you needed to add O-rings to…..

  4. I suggest you get an aluminum bottom rail attachment, extra security to ensure that bottom plastic rail doesn't break from foregrip chucking. For the kick, hitech sells a recoil pad, or just add a muzzle brake. Good looking piece bro

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