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【FORTNITE】記録更新!?ハンドガン縛りで14キル達成!-PISTOL ONLY 14kill-

Look isn’t this so cool You can get this close, wait wait Seriously? You’re a selector with no dreams? Seriously, you have to be kidding, I can’t believe it I don’t understand, selectors are really serious It’s the worst You were battling like it was for fun? Let’s do this wait? I like to work Not going to let you go! Well he had a pick so It was self diffence What should my restraints be, haven’t thought of anything Wait a moment What should I do I’ve done so many so far Running out of ideas Let’s think of something Can’t think of anything Should I just play FORTNITE? But that’s not fun Something… a pistol Razor Ramon restriction, only hand gun! It’s been a while no? I think i’ll only use hand guns That’s what I’ll do right after I shoot him By the update recently The silencer pistol went from Legend to epic Epic to rare and it’s getting lower So it may be a good handicap I really think this sound is cute Their fighting An angels come to pick up Where did that soccer guy go, from where Pick up that up There! Yes! Put soccer guy to sleep! Let’s play a game! You can come Come on! I welcome you! Great! Wait a moment, I can hear footsteps I can hear them so I think somebody is here Think he’ll come out Leave that for later Is fine Found Pink man Put him to sleep first There! Please go to sleep A quiet Sleep Yes! Forever Did he fall Did you trip? Where? Excuse me from above! One more, yea! Not going to let you go! Wait a moment Put you to sleep! Ran away Did he sleep? Someone shooting from so far Is he inside no out again Yes! Grappler! This is a new weapon COD Ruin uses this, goes zoom Like Spiderman The new Spiderman game is out I’m curious about it Like this You can climb high places In ways to fight Could be super useful Their fighting, going to bother them! I think I…OK Faal! Fall! Fall quick!! Good! Where, ok he’s down there I was trying to drop you! But, put you to sleep Down there? That could be very dangerous you! Yes! I should have used the grappler, I forgot Let’s use the bouncer That was a close one Who was that girl in Dorofuro with dueling pistols? P-38-chan Forgot if it was two stars or three She had dueling pistols Two there Gonna use this That’s so cool, wait Yaaay! Got him This is so good it’s cool, I like it But if the enemy uses it, it would be bad It’s got speed so it’s hard to aim Maybe I should not put people to sleep for restrictions A flying person was there Wait a moment This is os cool You can get this close, wait wait Close is good but Go! No, didn’t work? Excuse me from above There we go! Closer and from above! Got it! Felt good I like it when I get i higher positiom Two more! Came for me! It’s ok I got it! Where is the other guy? From where? I can’t see Did you come for me? I’ll get you You come this close? Then I’ll get even closer Came to see you! There! Yes! Watch me jump! This is fun! Thank you for watching Subscribe to my channle Push my bell button good button Follow my twitter from here I’m trying hard!

100 thoughts on “【FORTNITE】記録更新!?ハンドガン縛りで14キル達成!-PISTOL ONLY 14kill-

  1. 僕は死ぬほど挑戦しても出来なかったけどかんなちゃんは簡単にこなすんだもんな

  2. 最初ツルハシでキルしているので縛りはなくなったつまりハンドガン縛りじゃなかった…

  3. 何でこの子はアフレコってバレちゃうような事をしちゃうんだろうか…それが無ければ普通に楽しんで見れるのに…

  4. やってる事もう詐欺師だよね、だって自分がプレイしてるみたいに音つけて喜んで、他人のやつに音つけて動画出してチャンネル登録者数と視聴数稼いで行くスタイル、普通に詐欺師だよね

  5. よくわからないんですが、この人がアフレコしてる証拠とかあるんですか?

  6. Your content sounds to good to be true, just saying. You’d be better than ninja if your clips aren’t stolen. Just an opinion tho..,

  7. (私はGoogle翻訳を使用しています..うまくいけば、これはより良いかわいい女性です)

  8. もうアテレコなのバレてるのに「今回の縛りどうしよう(すっとぼけ」が1周回ってクセになる

  9. It's so obvious she's using a soft aimbot.. her crosshair sticks whenever she aims close to whatever she is trying to attack, completely unnatural hand movements

  10. 前のスグ消した問題の動画の後から顔の位置をずっと同じ位置で固定して前のような不正が出ることを恐れてて草

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