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It happened suddenly After how many dozens of lovesongs? Calling from inside my body I just want to give in to my impulses Come on now baby Tonight too, it’s echoing somewhere Blending together with the darkness, a love symphony Perhaps we too… ought to give it a shot? I want to touch and feel you with these hands of mine Now In this moment of perfection Right here with your hot shotgun I definitely won’t let go From here on out, you my dear will be my sweet property Even evenings as hot as those… end up cooling down overnight As though the magic had melted, In an instant it was all taken back “Don’t touch me like that” There’s nothing to talk about, is there? My interest in you, has all but vanished If the beginning came suddenly, then the end too can arrive just as quickly Hey The moment of climax suddenly vanished, just like a shotgun with the smallest loss possible The two of us will just never tie such bonds Our world is one where you either use someone, or get used and thrown away like an old rag If a deeper love exists, then it’s just a question of who will hurt who first Therefore, on this one-time sentimental battlefield It’s better if it ends sooner rather than later, don’t you agree? A moment of despair and sentimental irritation In order to erase my true feelings, that’s what I’d like to feel today Hey Now Real love songs Such things doesn’t exist here Not in this nasty existence that is me I’ve rotted. Yes, I’m just Love and sorrow In this moment of perfection Right here with your hot shotgun I definitely won’t let go ‘cause from here on out you’re my sweet treasure But come morning, we’ll take our farewells

100 thoughts on “【波音リツキレ音源】Shotgun・Lovers【UTAUカバー】

  1. if u try to ignore the long strands of hair you can pretty much see what Ritsu would look like as an actual non-crossdressing guy

  2. I just realized the heart around him is made of bug legs… TT-TT Not cool, man. I still love the song, but now I think of spiders when I see the picture.

  3. Omg at first I thought it was Diabolik Lovers because of the creepy melody and the pinky photo >:O

  4. Me: Is it a girl or a boy cuz it looks like a girl but sorta sounds like Len..?
    Comment section: ITS A FRICKIN DUDE!

  5. Geez I'm tired of hearing about Dangan Ronpa and Homestuck and Pewdiepie on completely unrelated videos!

  6. Horrible Translation. 
    La la la la la la
    La la la la
    A single night of chaos calls to me
    Here they come, a thousand love songs 
    This bright impulse howls to me
    My body can’t resist this so
    Come on come on come on now baby
    Somewhere this sound echoes tonight
    Reflecting through this lost town
    A darkened melody made of a heart’s symphony
    Why don’t we try it too?
    I’m waiting just for you
    These restless hands want to feel all of your love and life
    And now
    One moment of perfection
    A hot blast ricochets from your deadly shotgun
    Don’t let go, I’ll never leave you
    For right now and forever, you will always be mine
    My sweet property
    La la la la la la
    La la la la
    Even as these last flames still burn
    Night cools down, killed by the sound
    Fading in an instant the magic’s gone
    I guess that’s it, all the love is dead so
    Don’t you dare touch me ever again 
    All the things that could have been said
    Now they are useless to say
    My interest in you has but disappeared
    into dust 
    Don’t let it go too fast
    I want to make this last
    If you rush this too much then the end will come too soon
    In a flash all of it’s gone
    Blasted off into hell by your smoking shotgun
    Neither one of us have to
    Connect to each other, we can just stay strangers
    Just let life move on
    Inside this cruel world you’ll always end up
    Forgotten, broken and torn like a worn out rag
    If you’re naive enough to think
    That “true” love won’t destroy you as it destroyed me 
    Let me say
    Really my plan is clear, I might just end this here
    On this charred battlefield of desire
    Dousing this loving flame
    Taking none of the blame 
    So before you leave me 
    Let me feel again yeah
    Come on
    Don’t believe these “real” love songs
    All those asinine fantasies don’t exist here
    I see now I’ve rotted into
    A meaningless cycle of love hate love hate 
    One moment of perfection
    A hot blast ricochets from your deadly shotgun
    Don’t let go, I’ll never leave you
    For right now and forever, you will always be mine
    My sweet property
    I’ll see you tomorrow
    We’ll go again

  7. I was listening to this in class and my teacher called on me. I just sat there like an idiot because I didn't hear anything over the song. I got detention. 

  8. I read on UTAU Wiki that Namine Ritsu is a boy. But Really?! Just look at her. She IS NOT a boy! Anyway let's drink there guys!

  9. This is another prime example of where Ritsu overtakes Miku in terms of power and emotion. Miku is amazing in her own way; her cute, bouncy voice is fantastic when used in pop tracks, or even in some slow pop ballads, but as far as emotional rock songs and rock ballads, that's where Ritsu is king– or queen, depending on who you ask. ^^ Power is key in rock music, that's what makes it rock, and that's where Miku's voice is lacking.

    Well done again, kyaami. Keep up the awesome Ritsu covers, you have awesome judgement. ^^

  10. Awesome!!! He sounds amazing! Just asking but who's the original singer usually Ritsu's better than the original singers XD but I'm curious

  11. All I see is "Wait what it's a guy?!" but the most shocking fact in my opinion is that he is 6 YEARS OLD! I don't care if he's a crossdresser but…a 6 years old cross dresser ^_^' Well whatever, he's not even real so why are we arguing over things like that anyway?

  12. guys it's okay he's a robot that's like if I took the brain of a six year old boy and but it in the body of a grown woman dont worry guys it's okay

  13. 으아닛 한국어 자막 누구시죠…? 어서 나오셔서 제 사랑을 받아가시길 바랍니다…

  14. Why is it that YouTube only puts captions on automatically some of the time on only some videos? I came to this video and I was really confused as to why there were no captions, and then I came back to it ten minutes later and it turned captions on by itself! Wtf is happening??

  15. hey hey stop talking about his/her gender! lets listen to this beautiful song, and appreciate his/her voice! and how he/ she is perfect

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