100 thoughts on “☀Hiccup x Jack Frost❅ (HIJACK) – ANGEL WITH A SHOTGUN (ft. Pitch)

  1. I absolutely love the video. Its amazing, more than amazing but I can't find the words. the song works so well with these two and I ship more than I did before!!!

  2. All I have to say is W*O*W. !😨😂😀. People that make videos like this make it look so easy. I'm trying to do that but it's 2 hard 4 me. 😞😃

  3. Wow but this is amazingly well done. I just have one little quibble and that's the need of a seizure warning what with the bit with all the flashing lights. I thankfully have my seizures under control but flashing lights cause blinding migraines on me still. Others won't be that lucky.

  4. First of all-this video is so beautiful it hurts, second of all, what song did you use in the credits? Both for this video and the backstory, "Just So You Know?"

  5. I told myself I'd never get into the, the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons thing? Yeah.. but now that I've seen it.. I ship it. I ship it very much. XD

  6. What's the song right at the end, just after Angel With A Shotgun ends? And beautiful work, by the way. The clips fit together. 🙂

  7. Sabe quando encontra aquele vídeo perfeito de um shipp seu e não consegue parar de assistir? Aconteceu exatamente comigo =D!

    Vi seus outros trabalhos e OPA! SASUNARUS! MEU OTP! Existe coisa mais perfeita? haha -q

    Inscrita <3

    (idk if i have comment again :33)
    Well i read a story yesterday and its pretty cool :DD you can try to do video :DD i bet it will be perfect :DD

  9. Looking at these fan-fictions, I didn't realize just how much darker Hiccup is than Jack. I feel like Hiccup is the 'Dark Knight' to Jack's 'Paladin' so-to-speak. In this fan-fiction in particular, Hiccup doesn't seem to be phased by Pitch's words whereas Jack is more susceptible to them.

    Hiccup also defied his father on multiple occasions, uses cold hard logic to confront his opponents, and befriended a dragon that was thought to be the most evil and death-themed dragon of them all. Truthfully, the only thing keeping Nightfury from razing his village to the ground is Hiccup.

    Hiccup has a darkness hidden in his heart. I think it would be adorable if Jack was eventually the ice that kept it frozen, allowing only the brightest attributes of Hiccup's personality to surface. A feat that Astrid could never accomplish. You mess with Jack, and face Hiccup's wrath.


  11. listen i am a huge fan of your work i remember watching all of your hijack videos back when i was 14 (i am 18 now) you made my (late) childhood so memorable and i just want to say that your videos had cheered me up through the worst times and i want to thank you. You fueled the fan girl in me and that saved my life. Your videos stopped me from doing something that i would have regretted. I love how realistic your editing style is and i love your backstories. Thank you.

  12. Ok, before this i just thought Hijack was cute, but now i see the depth even if you didnt mean to make it like that! Hijack is now my OTP!

  13. You! Do you have any idea what you have to me!? My heart man, it can't take it. Dam where did you get your skills from? Holy shit this was so good and I just…wow! I didn't even ship these two and now I…well now I need to reevaluate. Jack/Merida is still my fave but dam…yup time to go reevaluate. This was beautifully crafted, I applaud both your imagination and skill, I'm glad my curiosity got the best of me so that I could watch this.

  14. me reí cuando hiccup le dice a pitch elijo patearte el trasero y quise llorar cuando jack se sintió responsable del accidente de hiccup

  15. ola flor fue hermoso tu video me encanto la cancion podrias decirme como se llama la cancion al final donde salen los creditos

  16. Okay lmaoo its me XDDD okay I just relized I was only young when i had a phone 😂😂😂 I know a lot of stuff now XDDDD I LOVE YAOI AND I LOVE YOU! NOT IN A ROMANTIC WAY OR ANYTHING

  17. Dont mind me just having quadruple feels :))) crafts
    .. Wait, actually more than that 😂

  18. I've been kinda taking a break from httyd and the Hijack ship. But seeing this reminds me why I like it. Also both Hiccup and Jack are cute <3

  19. Wow!… llegue acá recordando vídeos que miraba de chica y sinceramente comprendo porque los miraba están buenísimos los videos ajajaj
    P/D: con ellos comenzó a gustarme el Yaoi 😂😂

  20. Ca someone tell me where the first few clips of Hiccup are from? I don’t remember them from the movie so is there a spin-off or show I’m not aware of?

  21. I am in love with this ♥️♥️😍 i ship them so much.. and yes i can see hiccup being possessive over jack 😍 but i also ship jack with pitch after reading a fanficition called " shiver" "tremble".. It was sooo good that made me believe that jack was part of pitch 💔 now i can't get this ship out of my head, 😭😭💓

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