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► Angel with a shotgun

asshole. girls like you don’t interest me. What are you doing? What’s that? What’s this? you looked pretty you look pretty Use a lighter camera Are you okay? Yes I have to break the window. I want Guard Kim to stick closely by my side and guard me all day. you are a patient too What? are we… breaking up now? I need you more than life itself. I can’t betray him! He is my brother. My soulmate and savior. He saved my life! It’s because you were there, and you were the only thing i could see. It’s my bad. Kim Seol Woo… That’s why i played along and said i would let go and move on! I’m oka… Brother. Isn’t that awesome? We’ll always be togheter! That’s right. You don’t do that! Stick close.

40 thoughts on “► Angel with a shotgun

  1. Speechless 😍 this is amazing! You picked my favourite scenes
    Can't wait to see more of the drama and your MVs as well 😃 I like Seol Woo X Do Ha couple, despite what many people say.

  2. This makes me want to watch it. Should I? Need something to fill the lulls between My Secret Romance episodes… and I adore the actor 😍

  3. One of my favorite Asian drama vidders! Can you make a video with the young Kim Sun and the young Goryeo King from Goblin? Btw which software do you use?

  4. Love this Couple Seo Woo x Do Ha….. Who says, Hot secret agent can't fall hard for a normal Pretty girl. I don't care what others say she's pretty… Why can't pretty girls get the hot guy too. Hope they keep them together and the chemistry going.

  5. I'm wanted to watch this drama. It seems interesting, but now I'm not so sure since everyone is hating on the actress. I don't find her ugly at all, if anything I'm glad they chose her instead of the other copy and paste actresses. Is it maybe her character in the drama that is annoying and making people hate on her ?

  6. To me, Agent K and Un-gwang yeo had the best chemistry rather than Cha Do Ha Hahahahahaha! Lmfao! I love the bromance between the two of them😹😹😹

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