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• BEST STARTING WEAPON IN BATTLEFIELD V | In Depth Sturmgewehr 1-5 Review

So I started playing Battlefield V slightly
later than usual, making sure to avoid any day one issues that were bound to happen every
time a new game is released. Now even though I started much later than
others, I tend to find myself gravitating towards one particular gun over all the other
weapons within the beginning stages of the game. Whenever a new game comes out, people tend
to set their eyes on a weapon they would like to unlock later down the line, but Battlefield
tends to make it a habit to allow some of the best weapons to be used right from the
beginning, being the default unlocked weapons for many players to enjoy. We saw this back with Battlefield 3, Battlefield
4 and even Battlefield 1, a lot of the most versatile weapons were the very first guns
you unlocked and this still holds true in Battlefield V.
Today I wanted to talk about a weapon many of you most likely already use, the Sturmgewehr
1-5. Now in my opinion, I find this gun to be one
of the best weapons any starting player could use. At its base stats, it has a decent damage
output, a fire rate of 670 rounds per minute and it handles quite similar to the StG 44,
with slightly less control and accuracy. In fact once you start playing around with
specializations, you’ll notice that you can kit this weapon out in such a way that
the only thing the StG will be better at is its accuracy, and even then that difference
isn’t that substantial. Now the reason I’m comparing these two weapons
is because you’ll most likely reach rank 10 for the Sturmgewehr way before you even
get close to unlocking the StG, making it an easy choice for anyone wanting to use a
reliable gun up until they unlock that one desired weapon. After the many hours I’ve put into the Sturmgewehr,
I tend to find myself gravitating towards it, even after unlocking most of the weapons
within the assault class. Interestingly, the Sturmgewehr was designed
quite late in World War II, it was intended to be a last-ditch effort for the national
militia. In Battlefield V, there are two variants of
the Volkssturmgewehr, the Sturmgewehr 1-5 and the Gewehr 1-5. The Sturmgewehr is a select-fire assault rifle
version of these two guns and has a maximum damage output of 25 between 0 and 10 meters,
decreasing as you get further and further away from your target. Now this gun is by no means the best gun in
the game but due to its fairly well rounded statistics, I believe it earns the title of
one of the best weapons you could start off with if you’re coming across from any previous
Battlefield games. I’ve found that even though the accuracy
and control might suffer, you quickly get used to how this weapon handles. You’ll find this gun is a great alternative
when it comes to almost any engagement besides those super long distances, but then again,
long ranges isn’t what this weapon is intended for, especially when it boasts the second
fastest fire rate within the assault class. So to finalize everything I’ve just said,
I personally believe the Sturmgewehr 1-5 is a great weapon for anyone just starting the
game. I found it can be viable option over the other
weapons once you get used to the way this weapon handles, with its high rate of fire,
it’s extremely forgiving for those close to medium ranges. Anyway let me know what you guys think of
this weapon in the comments below but for now, I hope you enjoyed this video, smash
that like button if you did and hopefully I’ll see you in the next one.

6 thoughts on “• BEST STARTING WEAPON IN BATTLEFIELD V | In Depth Sturmgewehr 1-5 Review

  1. Whenever I reference the Sturmgewehr, I am talking about the Sturmgewehr 1-5 and not the StG 44, also known as the Sturmgewehr 44. I hope that clarifies a few things!

  2. The best part is, the Sturm 1-5, was a crude weapon designed to be used by kids, old men and injured soldiers and it's one of the best in BFV

  3. Sorry for the lack of uploads this week. I have started a new channel where I'll be uploading all of my new videos,

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