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Солдат с автоматом в руках, раскопки на полях Ленинградского фронта // Юрий Гагарин

— That’s a Nagant Revolver. — Machine gun, held by a soldier, I think. — I thought you can’t find such things in 2019. Guys, look. It’s right here, on the surface. And there the remains of a scull. Right on the surface, I wouldn’t believe it either. How is it even possible? Look. So much time has passed. The helmet from the top. You can tell it’s never been under the ground by how rigid it is. And the remains of the scull.
— I think it’ll be in one piece. — Guys, look, the scull. Right on the surface. I wouldn’t believe it either. Here is the jaw. — I thought you can’t find such things in 2019. — Right beside the road. — And there is a lid. He didn’t believe he should’ve went to check it. — Holy hell! — It’s not really on the surface — A lid from the kettle. Oh, it’s German. And some personal belongings, as it seems, and the soldier is right here. If we’re lucky it is possible that there is a medallion. I think he’s on the surface because, you see, there is kind of high ground — Leaves weren’t really piling up. — We could’ve found it just by looking. Alexander has found a soldier using a metal detector. — He didn’t take it out.
— Do you think? — I know it. You didn’t take it out, did you?
— Nope. — Here is a bone. — Guys, it’s a Nagant pistol.
— Revolver. Or what’s left of it. — Yes, it can be an officer. We have already found officers there, in that ditch. — Apparently there is a pouch with some things in it, here, we put it off. We didn’t understand what this was. — It’s a lather brush, most likely. Give it to me. — We didn’t identify it. — No, it’s a cork for a Red Army glass flask. — Glass?
— Yes, we used to also have glass flasks. — And there are the remains of a scull, just shards, and teeth. — So it’s another soldier? — The bones there are really small. Look what he’s taken out. — Anti-tank cartridge 14,5 millimeters. — Vertebrae. — Something like that.
— And one arm is missing. Nevermind, we’ll see. It’s all that’s left of the soldier. The rest is gone. He had a Mosin-Nagant with himself. A spade, a belt, a glass flask. A bomb fell there and he got scattered all around. We’ve gathered the bits from a great area. — An arm. — Are those buttons? — Yeah, it looks like it used to be a base of the button. — We know for sure who camped here, so even just a last name would give us precise information about who this soldier is. And also anti-tank cartridges can help us a little bit. It means it must have been an anti-tanker and was the second in his crew. Because we have found an anti-tank crew nearby. Coins? — We’ve found a chest pocket Wait, here’s another one
— It’s the same one. — It won’t make any difference. Fifteen kopecks, 1939. It’s probably not the only one there. — Where should I put it? — Somewhere separately. Another kettle lid. We really hope it is signed. You know you could just flip it over and knock on it so you don’t have to smear it. — There is a signature. — But just the initials, I think. Let’s go rinse it. Only the initials again. Why not the last name? K.M.E. most likely. Why couldn’t he write at least his last name? Vyborg, 1940. All damaged by shrapnel. Comrade, I wish you wrote you last name. Look at the density. One, two, three, four… And it looks like… no, that’s shrapnel damage, not bullet damage. — It must have been in a pouch.
— Yes. — I thought there was a spare pan magazine attached to the belt, but no, there is a PPSh. — An unexpected Shpagin machine pistol. — I thought it would be a spare magazine, I didn’t expect it to be a machine gun in the soldier’s hands. Be careful, there are vertebrae. — I’m trying. Yes, it’s really unexpectedly. I thought you’d found a medallion. — No, unfortunately I haven’t yet. — And there’ll be vertebrae, right?
— They are even over here. — So he’s lying like this?
— Yes, ribs are over there. — I don’t see a lettering yet.
— We need to wash it. An oiler was closed with a cork.
— Maybe. Maybe it was held by something else, some clip. — We have found a cork like this, but a bigger one, for a glass flask. — Glasses.
— Yes, glasses. Apparently this was an older soldier. — And a pen. “Gref cobald”. There is a lettering. — Maybe this one is also an officer. “Gre(i)f cobald” It’s signed, S.M. And here is the kettle itself. All shot through. — Machine gun. Held by the soldier. I need something to wipe it. The arm was right on top of the machine gun. Have you already taken out the spoon?
— Yes. — It’s quite a moment. My heart is beating faster. It’s an ink pen, it was quite expensive at those times. Not everybody could afford such thing. When I was taking out this thing it looked just like a medallion.
— Really similar. — Another scull almost on the surface. Oh, what is it?
— A jaw. — Yes, right, a jaw. I didn’t get it at first. — With crowns. There are more teeth. — So this is our first death medallion this Watch. Evgeniy has found it. It’s your first time? He’s been digging for only two days in his whole life, and right away… newbies are lucky. It’s chipped like it had been burning. A little deformed. — Will you open it? — I’ll just peek inside. It was damaged by a bit of shrapnel. Look it’s wobbly. It doesn’t matter. Oh, it burned, look. — Is there a paper?
— There were. But it burned. Look at the casing, it’s bent, melted. There is only cinder. It is flammable, if you put it it will burn and be like coal. And what is on the inside… Damn. It’s sad, but what can we do? — I can already see that this is a two kopecks coin. — Rub it on the glove. — I’m clumsy. It’s dry I can’t clean it. I can’t see anything. — We are done with the third soldier, unfortunately the swamp soil destroyed everything, there are only the big bones left, in a not very good condition. We’ve checked everything. This one was lying here with a Nagant pistol, where is it? — Here.
— Hang on. He was most likely an officer or he just picked the gun up. — Everything that was found with him: — Spare parts for PPSh — damper.
— It was under his head, it must’ve fallen there randomly. — Well, maybe. And a Nagant pistol.
— Revolver!
— I like the word pistol. — An interesting piece of glass. — It must’ve been some kind of frame. — Yes, a frame, or- Let’s suppose it was this size. — Yes, a photo.
— Either a photo or a mirror. — Could be a mirror, yes, looks more like a mirror. — Photos used to be without glass. — Yes, yes, a mirror, I’m positive. — It used to be this size them.
— Well, not this but, say, this. — Look at how many glass pieces there are. — Mosquitoes are already active.
— They are biting. There were 5-7 pieces more. — Awesome findings, I just stuck a spade into the soil. German mortar mine. Just beside the road. So, right near the road, what do you think I’ve found? There is rubbish everywhere, but here I detected aluminium. Somebody has missed something. It must be a flask. Or a kettle. There is some trouble apparently. Yeah, it’s battered. But nevertheless. It’s an unexplored aluminium signal. My metal detector has found it from 3 kilometers. This also can happen. A piece of Mosin-Nagant. A barrel torn off by a piece of shrapnel. — Eh?
— Hello.
— Hi. — Gazayev, whose one is this?
— It’s mine. — Yura? Sorry.
— Let him eat, I don’t mind. — This bowl reminds me of something. — There must be too little potato.

100 thoughts on “Солдат с автоматом в руках, раскопки на полях Ленинградского фронта // Юрий Гагарин

  1. Oh wow! Incredible find! I would only hope that dna test will be done on these soldiers remains so that their families may give them proper burials. Great work guys!

  2. Man, the amount of shrapnel that just tore through everything. Must have been a big shell. I couldnt imagine how hellish that must have been

  3. 🙏🏻❤️ I hope they get a proper burial, they’ve been there way to long forgotten about. Good work people getting them home 🙏🏻❤️. I would like to help if I could

  4. Good work and good Karma is on you! I kept noticing the young lady with you – so please tell her that she looks great on the screen. Maybe she could be a movie star some day!

  5. By the look at all those bullet holes in his mess kit he was struck multiple times and must have died quickly and so i hope he did not suffer and is at peace with no more war.

  6. Great work that you do, amazing condition of some of the finds, looking at the “mess tin” really shows how horrific the effects of shrapnel can be.
    Good luck in finding more lost souls. Much respect from 🇬🇧

  7. This is truly amazing .. It must be very fulfilling to honor these soldiers the way that you guys do . Soldiers deserve every bit of honor they can get .

  8. Удивительно сколько стало англоязычных в комментах. Ход с описанием на английском был правильный.

  9. Your Volunteer Efforts are most admirable. Not only are you bringing forth history, you are bringing the Fallen home. Much Respect, from the U.S. 🌹

  10. The Battle of Leningrad consisted of Spaniards in the Regualr German Army (Blue Division), Estonians in the SS and an SS Police Divison along with the Finns. I can only state that the Germans wanted to free your people, White Russians (Caucasians) from the Bolshivik Jews and Stalin.

    Sadly, many of the people of Leningrad who were not soldiers suffered in mass, because Stalin did not allow them to evacuate.

    I also acknowledge the fact that many Caucasian Russians were killed in the war. For the respect you afford to an enemy soldier's graves is amazing. You guys are such good people. I wish the best for you and Russia.

  11. JC that soldier met a brutal death. Look at that helmet. Thank you for respecting his remains even though he was an enemy combatant. They were following orders just like any soldier and he gave it all.

  12. I just wanted to say hi to you and your countrymen. I wish we lived closer I would love to be your friend and hang out with you. From an average American.

  13. Much respect and admiration. Peace to all my brothers and sisters around the world. My heart breaks seeing the results of mad men leading good people 💔.

  14. Thank you for your video. Thank you for your careful excavation of the departed, long dead fallen soldier.
    I hope some one continues with your effort until all those fallen soldiers are exhumed, and dentified whenever possible and given a burial regardless of who they we're. This is a time consuming and careful remains retreval. I'm impressed with your care and the voluntary effort put forth to find fallen soldiers on those old battlefields. I appreciate what your doing and that identifying those who are Russian or German ends WW II for them in a sense, even though they died msny years ago.
    Just a fellow human being commenting!✌✌✌✌

  15. Poor fucker he must of got an awful death blown or shot to shreads. He poor mother wife maybe and kids waiting for him to return home but never did not known how there son husband father died. Rip soldier

  16. WW-2 vets were the greatest generation for certain, Russian, American, European, regardless of politics. So many good people lost to the ages.
    Thank you for your hard work and dedication, it is nice to see young people so reverent so these soldiers will not be forgotten.

  17. Poor man lying in cold damp clay
    His bones forgotten and his name the same
    What's the point and what's it all for
    Poor man dies for the rich man's war.

  18. We should make politicians fight to the death instead of citizens. Their asses should have to suffer first, from the wars they start.

  19. Hello friends from Russia I have a question,the stock on the PPSH 41 is missing and I cannot find a model of it that does not have it could it be that the wood decomposed?

  20. Certainly looks like there was an explosion with a lot of shrapnel. Certainly what killed him, based of the fact that most items found have hole patterns just inches apart I'd say he probably got hit a couple hundred times. The spacing of the "parts" found doesn't necessarily mean he himself was torn apart, possibly things just shifted over the years.

  21. So wish that I could do that but in America we have no dead soldiers not found and if we did thy would date back to 1861-1864

  22. My wife came from Russia and her grandparents fought on the Leningrad front as they were cut off. To say it was horrific would be an understatement, they were fighting for their existence. They were in their early teens at the time.

  23. Praying the Rosary for their souls, both German and Russian, as well for your souls, the excavators, not concerned with the disposition of the combatants' souls in the next life.

    You probably don't know we faithful are compelled to pray the Rosary for Russia, which nation spread its errors of communism throughout the world in 1917 in fulfillment of the Blessed Virgin's prophecy to that effect at Fatima in that year.

    You are destined for greatness in world history to a degree in excess of your crimes.

  24. That's amazing work you're doing there, finding the remains of the dead soldiers. Thank you for sharing your video. I live near Gettysburg, PA in the USA, and in 1996, the last soldier remains were found at the Gettysburg Battlefield from our Civil War. In that Civil War of July 1863, a total of 165,000 soldiers waged a 3 day battle in a small area of 3 miles east to west and 5 miles north to south. During the 3 days of warfare, 8,000 were killed and 43,000 were injured.

  25. The work you do is beyond measure and worth to those that have fallen and their families.
    May all those that have fallen in battle, no matter what side, rest in eternal peace and happiness.
    Much respect from Texas,USA

  26. Bless you and your work. You are doing what every soldier considers honorable. My Dad was in Patton’s army in Europe. It was a scaring time for him. He could not watch a Veterans parade without crying. He refused to work on Veterans Day too. He fully understood to plight of the common soldier, doing his duty, of all countries. Thank you for your example to all of us.

  27. I have two MIA’s in my family, one from WW2 in South Pacific and during my third tour in Vietnam another was lost after he was shot over Laos.
    Neither ones body was recovered, I hope that someone like you finds their remains and give them a proper burial.

  28. Does your country have a DNA registry? The US has one and has been able to identify hundreds of remains by using a bone fragment.

  29. Hello from Kansas. You guys are the best and I have all the respect in the world for you guys. No matter what side you are on everyone's deserve to come home and have a proper Burial.

  30. Здравствуйте друзья! Я рад, что вы вернули солдат своим создателям. Это больше, чем весь материал, который у вас есть. Продолжайте в том же духе!
    Hello Friends! I am happy to see you return soldiers to their creator. That is greater than all the material finds you have. Keep up the good works!🎖

  31. Вы ищете хобби, чтобы продать предметы (на законных основаниях) и вернуть солдат обратно в их последние места отдыха? Помогает ли российское правительство поддерживать или спонсировать вас каким-либо образом? Спасибо уолт
    Do you dig for a hobby, to sell items (legally) and to return soldiers back to their final resting places? Does the Russian government help support or sponsor you in any way? Thank you, Walt

  32. This is just so sad. Left there to disappear into the soil and claimed by mother earth. I do hope they can be identified.

  33. In Europe there is constant daily findings of lost soldiers remains from all army's…there all treated with respect regardless.

  34. Whom ever he is. Respect is due. Look for. I'd tag then box up remains. Most likely he had no choice as to his fate. And deserve a real earthly home. Da ?

  35. The Eastern Front was so much worse than the Western, the fact they are still unearthing soldiers where they fell shows this.

  36. I dont understand why they said they knew who had fought there and would be able to ID them, but when they got initials off items they were saying " oh, if only you had put your last name". It should be easier to look up a soldiers initials in a battalion roster than even a last name as there could be multiple soldiers with the same last name. But much less likely for any to have the same three initials. And also glasses on a German soldier was not uncommon, it doesn't mean he was necessarily old. Thanks for what you do, sad and amazing stories you uncover.

  37. Спасибо вам ребята за ваш труд и низкий поклон! Привет с Украины.

  38. How sad is this? A terrible war, we should have never fought each other, it was instigated by Jews and Freemasons. And the fucking British. European brothers should have never fought each other, what a tragedy.

  39. A true soldier manning his position till the very end. Probably helped his squadron retreat too, saved 6 lives in exchange on his own. Believe it or not this happens a lot in WWII

  40. Не открывайте медалёны, или как оно называется. Оставте специалистам. Сохраняяте влажность. Иначе рискуете полное уничтожение информации и очень даже быстро.

  41. Он упал и остался лежать там , в болоте,продолжая сжимать в руках своё оружие , а без него , над ним проходили годы , десятки лет. Солнце выбелило его кости,ржавчина съела автомат, а он продолжал защищать Родину и всех кто жил и живёт здесь, на земле за которую он отдал свою жизнь . Большое и правильное дело вы делаете .

  42. Probably stolen pan from a Jewish person he killed or an American soldier !they had nothing in the end but stolen borrowed or repaired.junk

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