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Космический пистолет – ALIEN

The competition is over – but a lot of people are standing next to the Laugo Arms team huge interest in the new gun more and more people the gun makes a splash it’s really innovative I’m not sure if you can hear me it’s very noisy Here is one of the founders of the company Laugo Arms Daniel Selichar everyone wants to touch to shoot to test their new product we will speak English although Daniel understands Russian but does not speak Russian for the sake of interest we gave the gun to the girl she’s holding a gun for the second time in her life we need to adjust the retention it is funny she’s not holding the gun right I don’t know if Alien actually improves the shooter’s abilities by 10% but it seemed to me that it was easier to shoot with this weapon and easier to hit the target it seems that the technical and engineering solutions used are working here is the story of one of the team members he participated in competitions in Germany in the production optic division the sight had a different mount it was attached to the fixed part of the gun the lower part of the gun is movable as you can see thus when firing the sight did not move those who installed Chinese sights on guns know that these sights quickly break down due to vibration but if the sight is not subject to constant impact it can work much longer this technical solution was perfectly logical and very convenient the shooter of the Laugo team performed well back then the other shooters saw this and protested they believed that the shooter was actually using an open class pistol the gun does not jump, the sight is not on the slide they were very dissatisfied these people forced to change the mount of the sight by this protest after that a new mount was installed on the gun which is called RETRO it made the weapon a little worse the slide became heavier and the accuracy also decreased that’s how it turned out that this magnificent gun has infuriated some rivals but ALIEN users like THIS gun very much now here’s what I had a very big competition with the team with 30 stages the level of the world Cup here there were more than 650 shots for each shooter the minimum required 4 pistols were used simultaneously I saw only one jam in the whole time the shooter explained to me that it was his fault he didn’t hold the weapon correctly his hands were too high on the gun this interferes with the operation of the gun slide extraction fail you have to get used to holding a gun in a different way you need to get used to holding a gun in a new way at the same time I can see the front sight all the time here the sighting mark is a red fiber optic during shooting I can see the red dot constantly as if it is a red dot sight the gun is well balanced-the mass is very low and close to the palms for this reason the recoil becomes less and the barrel jump is not large the gaps on the frame and slide are made in such a way that they can work in conditions of heavy pollution now the gun works very reliably despite dirt or difficult weather conditions it’s like a military standard the barrel is fixed-this increases the accuracy of the weapon sighting devices are also fixed and their change does not change the point of impact the pistol has a bull barrel the survivability of the barrel increases have encountered situations where shooters with Alien hit two bullets in one hole the RO were called to check in one case I am absolutely certain that two hits were in the same hole I watched the video replay and saw everything well but the ROs couldn’t see it – it happens sometimes you can’t always see what happened in my opinion it is quite possible to get into one hole with this gun here is a similar situation we’re waiting for them to decide not an easy situation with Alien hitting one point at close range happens often the gun has a soft recoil and this is due to the gas system this is a very unusual design for a handgun the gases slow down the slide and the slide doesn’t hit hard the feeling of soft recoil and small toss despite the gas system the gun does not heat up too much during intense shooting the trigger is set up perfectly – it is clear and understandable the external fuse is located on the trigger there are no other external safety levers the gun has internal protection ergonomics are well thought out you can adjust the handle for small and large hands that’s hitting the target the tilt of the handle is like this holding the handle reminds me of a Glock even a good gun like this takes some getting used to I have a new sense of recoil the gun has a two-way magazine relese button customizable sight there’s a magwell original design magazines capacity 17 rounds it is necessary to use the correct cartridges the gun gets dirty if you use bullet led bullets you only need to use FMJ it is not recommended to shoot with these cartridges because there’s no shell and the bullet is just painted with paint the price of the Alien gun is high-5000$ the price is so high because the gun is still produced in small batches high quality materials used later the price will be lower due to the use of new materials and large scale production even though the design is brand new this gun is very reliable – for me this is the main conclusion of the test Alien is subject to serious testing there is a constant check for strength and durability and it is very important that there is a check in real conditions of operation thanks to the team Laugo Arms here all the nuances are revealed

36 thoughts on “Космический пистолет – ALIEN

  1. Блин, он в профиль и правда на Чужого похож, и срез как раз примерно в районе языка у прародителя.)

  2. American here. Well…now I hate all other guns. I was wondering who was going to be the first to do this with a semi and not just revolver.

  3. Блин, это если бы я пришел в открытый класс и требовал, что бы все убрали коллиматорные прицелы… Свинство, я бы так сказал.

  4. Чехи как всегда , на высоте, делают шедевры . Будем надеяться что цена в дальнейшем снизится. Спасибо за обзор!

  5. Не помню всей истории, но в конце 50х запретили советский спортивный пистолет "рекорд" у которого ось ствола была ниже указательного пальца. Такой вот "допинг":)
    Отличное, как всегда, видео. Спасибо, Сергей
    Хорошо бы, больше слов о конструкции, не понял, например, принцип запирания ствола.

  6. Буквально вчера наткнулся на видео от разработчиков этого пистолета, а сеголня Сергей уже и сам нам поведал что это за зверь такой!)) Оперативно!!! Отличный СПОРТИВНЫЙ образец!

  7. Ох, этот пистолет вызывает эффект ВАУ ! Действительно интересный образец!

  8. Машинка интересная,но как то ломает платить такие деньги за "чеха".Во всяком случае,пока сервис не станет на уровне ЧЗ и Глок.Общее мнение,знакомых мне стрелков—сей пистоль должен быть вдвое дешевле.
    Всех подписчиков канала,его ведущего и всех собратий по Практической стрельбе поздравляю из Эстонии с наступающим Новым годом! Здоровья , удачи,меткого глаза и твердой руки,денег на все стреляющие хотелки и всех остальных благ!

  9. Сергей,великолепный сюжет,про беспорно прорывной по конструкции пистолет!Несколько десятилетий конструкторы вокруг да около обхаживали схемы столетней истории Браунинга и вот прорыв.Прекрасный пистолет в своей лаконичности и инновациях.Завидую, тебе удалось держать,стрелять из него.Как думаеш,сертифицируют ли его в России?Поделился ссылкой на видео и в Фейсбуке и в нескольких стрелковых группах в Вайбер.

  10. Затворная рама меня просто поразила. Возникает вопрос как в Уральских Пельменях – "А что, так можно было????!!!"

  11. With the low bore offset from the top rail I guess you don't really need suppressor height night-sights, although I would still like to see them for a lower 1/3rd co-witness sight picture with a Trijicon RMR. Nice work otherwise.

  12. Вообще сама идея опускания ствола вниз не нова. Достаточно вспомнить про уже достаточно неплохо забытый Mateba MTR-8… но это револьвер. Там и ствол опустить проще, и для современных дисциплин практики он малопригоден.

  13. Сергей, приветствую тебя! Поздравляю тебя с наступающем Новым Годом! Желаю тебе здоровья, удачи, новых целей и достижений их!

  14. Приносили в клуб его Пушка огонь. Но цена…… больно мне больно))) С НАСТУПАЮЩИМ! ВСЕХ ПОБЕД ,НА ВСЕХ ФРОНТАХ

  15. Czechoslovakia s.r.o. – мощно задвинули ребята).
    Всегда удивляло почему такая, относительно маленькая, страна способна, уже более сотни лет, не то что на равных конкурировать с мировыми лидерами в производстве вооружений, но и регулярно утирать им нос!

  16. Great video review that pistol looks amazing! Thank you for doing subtitles in English I have always enjoyed your channel and hoped you would add subtitles one day thank you 🙂

  17. какой ресурс заявили и какой уже есть на рабочих стволах?

  18. Впервые что-то реально интересное за долгое время. Спасибо за хороший видос без лишней воды, от просмотра получил только удовольствие
    (Я так говорю, потому что смотрел видео Лазарев Тактикал)

  19. Очень удивляет подброс ствола у пневманитики так же. А тут 9мм очень интересно. Жаль что не сказали что с покрытием ствола явно не хром!

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