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Как сделать Semi-Automatic Pistol из Rust

Hi! In this video I will tell you how I made semi-automatic gun from Rust. For gun making I will need 2 PVC plastic sheets. One sheet has 3 mm thickness, the other 4 mm. I’ll also need a gun template, the link will be in description under this video. According to this template we need to cut 4 workpieces. Two are from 3 mm PVC plastic, the other two are from 4 mm. Total thickness of the detail is 14 mm. It will be glued with a super glue. Then I cut a shutter from the template, accordinf to it I made 2 details from 3 mm PVC plastic. Then I glued these details to the central part. I’ll need another 2 workpieces from 4 mm PVC plastic, but before gluing I need to cut a strip from them. After the shutter I went to the manufacture of patchs on the handle. After gluing I cut all the excess with a knife. I also shaped the handle with a knife. After that I shaped the shutter but before it marked the cutting lines. I made the cut plane with a sandpaper. I’ll make rivets with homemade hole punches of different diameters. I made the trigger from 3 parts of 3 mm PVC plastic. I will make opposing springs from copper wire. Barrel is made from 20 mm PVC pipe. I drilled holes in the shutter with 20 mm diameter and insert pipe in it. I screwed a bolt in the trigger. Now I have to glue charger, foresight and rear sight and go to the painting. I will be painting with aerosol cans. First I covered everything in grey, then made worn spots with a silver paint. I painted springs in silver color and made rust spots with brown paint. Thanks for your watching, if you like this video share it and see you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “Как сделать Semi-Automatic Pistol из Rust

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  4. Я всё из дерева сделал, а также настоящие болты везде сделал и курок движущийся, + магазин

  5. а почему он не стреляет ??? щясбы в таком возрасте делать писталеты которые даже не стреляют

  6. Nice! i Thought it was for a shooting pistol but it looms better than that so it doesnt matter

  7. Привет Горячие Ключи где ты берешь пвх пластик неподскажешь я просто некак немогу найти его у себя в городе

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  10. Я надеюсь, что ты ответишь! Скажи пожалуйста, трафарет изображён на листе формата А4?

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